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A one-stop distribution partner/solution/shop for filmmakers

Indigenous Film Distribution, established in 2009, is South Africa’s leading niche film distributor. Over the past decade, we have distributed more than 60 films.

We are a team of people who have expertise in the acquisition, distribution and marketing of films.

Through our dedication to the promotion and growth of the industry, we have developed a proven distribution methodology that is uniquely tailored to the South African environment.

African content for Africans is our motto.

We find unique ways to fund and distribute films in South Africa and into the rest of the African continent. As a boutique distributor with an established track record, we work with a wide network of producers, directors and investors, and we have deep insights into how film marketing works.

Whether your project is just beginning, about to go to into production, or ready to be released, we will work with to ensure that you film is successful – by which we mean that it reaches your target audience.

The best marketing campaigns ensure that movies reach the cinema or other distribution channel and live on for many years. At Indigenous Film Distribution, we work with filmmakers to maximise the lifecycle of every film, on every platform, including cinema, DVD, television and online.

We enjoy supporting new and emerging directors and producers and have increased our diversity, reach and scale to be able to meet the demands of the vibrant African film industry.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?